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Liberty Auto Loan is a great place to find vehicle financing and vehicle purchasing options no matter what your credit situation. But beyond this, we are very serious about your privacy and protecting your information. To help protect you, we’ve developed a safe and secure site that utilizes security-focused business procedures and practices along with the latest in Secure Server encryption technology designed to ensure data security. Our of our security processes are designed to protect your data when you are filling out a credit application through our website.


When you are browsing and accessing any of the pages that request personal information from you, any pages that ask for this type of information is delivered through your browser through the “https” protocol. The “https” protocol is the world standard in ensuring secure communication on the Internet. When you are using an “https” page, your data is encrypted using a standard set of procedures to keep your information safe and secure.

DATA ENCRYPTION uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology to protect your personal information when you are using our web site or when you are filling out any areas that require personal information during transmission of that data. Secure Socket Layer Technology is designed to protect against the interception of data when it is being transmitted over the Internet. When you submit information or fill out a credit application through the website, our technical team uses SSL to encrypt your data. This ensures that only we can decode the encrypted data when it is received by us. Additionally, any transmission of data between our web site and our lender or dealer affiliates is also encrypted using SSL.


Liberty Auto Loan has a specific set of business practices and procedures, as well as additional technical applications to further protect the personal information of our consumers. Our web site uses software that is designed to detect intrusions and attacks by others as well as software that blocks these attacks. Beyond this, we also employ a specific set of business practices that are designed to protect personal information from access by any individuals other than those who are approved for such access. We also monitor the access of approved individuals and employ appropriate restrictions to add additional layers of security. Access to non-public personal information about you is restricted only to those employees on a strict “need-to-know” basis and only made available to them in order to provide products or services requested by you. Lastly, in our partnerships with affiliates, your personal information is only provided to known affiliates with whom our business has a relationship and only for the purpose of helping you obtain information, products, or services about which you have requested information or purchased while using

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