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Does it cost any money for me to make a financing request using the process?

 Liberty Auto Loan is a great place to find vehicle financing and vehicle purchasing options no matter what your credit situation. But beyond this,we are very serious about your privacy and protecting your information. To help protect you, we’ve developed a safe and secure site that utilizes security-focused business procedures and practices along with the latest in Secure Server encryption technology designed to ensure data security. Our of our security processes are designed to protect your data when you are filling out a credit application through our website.

Do I have a good chance of being connected with a lender or dealer who can help me get auto financing?

Yes, you do! At Liberty Auto Loan, we have a national network of lenders and dealer affiliates who are all about helping you get accepted for financing (they also specialize in bad credit auto loans). When we forward your auto finance application to them, they’ll do their best for you.

I’m a self-employed person… can I still qualify for an auto loan through one of your lender or dealer affiliates?

Yes! Self-employment often makes getting a car loan a bit more difficult… but depending on your circumstances, being is self-employed doesn’t necessarily present a problem.

Can I put zero money down on my car loan?

Yes, you may be able to! We have a number of lender and dealer affiliates that offer programs that may allow you to put no money down on your auto loan based on qualifying credit.

How large of a car loan can I get pre-approved for?

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a straight answer to this question as the number is incredibly variable. The fact of the matter is, each person’s situation is unique to them… and the auto loan or bad credit car loan amount that you will get pre-approved for is based off a number of different factors. These factors include your FICO score, your overall credit report and the type of issues that are on your credit report, how recent those issues are, and more.

How large of a down-payment will I need to make on my auto loan assuming I qualify?

Just like the amount of loan pre-approval, the down payment amount is variable based on your individual financial situation and credit history. And generally speaking, the worse your credit is, the larger the down payment will be required on your auto loan. In any case, you should consider putting at least 10% down whenever you are purchasing a new car.

Will inquiries into my credit history negatively impact my credit rating?

The simple answer is, “Yes, credit inquiries can negatively impact your credit rating.” Whenever you are shopping around for a car loan, you should know that whenever creditors look up your credit history report records, this causes an inquiry to display on your credit report. And unfortunately, inquiries can add up. This is often looked at in a negative light by lenders. Because of this, too many inquiries on your credit report can actually make obtaining a car loan or bad credit auto loan more difficult.

Can I use my trade-in vehicle as a down-payment for my auto loan?

Absolutely! You should note, however, that additional down-payment money may be required. This is dependent on your individual credit situation, how much “equity” is in the car that you are trading in, the condition of the vehicle you are trading in, and if there is a lien on the trade-in vehicle.

Will a cosigner help me get a car loan?

A cosigner can be of significant benefit to you when applying for an auto loan. This is especially true if you are in a situation of having bad credit or no credit. Note, however, that even if you have a cosigner you will still be required to meet the standard income requirements of the car loan you are applying for.

I’ve had a car repossessed in the past. Does that mean I can’t make a financing request?

Not at all! You CAN still make an auto financing request through our network! Our network of lenders and dealer affiliates offer special finance programs that could help you even if you’ve had a vehicle repossession in your past. Our goal is to help you get a great loan connection even if you have less-than-perfect credit!

What if I am going through bankruptcy or have gone through bankruptcy in the past?

Even if you’re going through bankruptcy or have a bankruptcy in your past, we may be able to help you! We have many lenders and dealer affiliates in our network that specialize in auto loans for people who have gone through bankruptcy or are currently in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Can I obtain a private party purchase loan through

No, a private party loan cannot typically be obtained through our program. But you may wish to submit an auto loan application anyway to see what other options may be available to you.

Can I get financing for either a new or used car?

Yes, you can! Our lender and dealer affiliates offer auto loans for both new and used cars!

Can I get approved for a car loan if I have no credit history?

Yes, you most likely can! However, you will probably need to come up with the cash for a large down payment or find a cosigner in order to get approved for an auto loan, no credit auto loan, or bad credit car loan. That being said, you should know that there are a significant number of lenders and dealers across the U.S that are willing to help people with no credit find the car and auto financing they need.

How can I determine my monthly auto loan payments?

As with any other type of loan, the monthly payment on an auto loan or bad credit car loan is determined based off your Credit Profile and the vehicle you decide to purchase. It is important to know that newer, lower mileage cars are better because they usually qualify for extended terms. Extended terms are what most bad credit buyers need. In general, the best payment options come from less-expensive, newer model vehicles that are under the 40,000 to 50,000 mile range. To further understand and determine your monthly payment, you should consult a payment calculator or car loan calculator. These calculators are available on many web sites on the Internet. And here at Liberty Auto Loan, we have an auto loan calculator that can help you figure out your loan payment.

What kind of interest rate can I expect with a bad credit auto loan?

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a short or simple answer to this question. Auto loan interest rates are based off a rather wide range of factors. These factors include your general credit profile and how much equity is associated with the auto loan. For the most part, the larger down payment you make on a car loan, and the higher your credit rating is, the better, or lower, the rates you will receive on your auto loan. It is also important to know that the make and model year of the car you want to buy also plays an important part in the interest rate you will get on your vehicle loan. As an aside, interest rates tend to increase by approximately one point per year of age on the car. So the older automobile is, the higher the rate you’ll have to pay.

Does “Guaranteed Acceptance” mean that I am guaranteed to get approved for a car loan?

No… but it can definitely improve your chances! When applying for auto financing through Liberty Auto Loan, we make sure that every application we receive is submitted to our network of lenders and dealers. We don’t “filter out” applications for things like self-employment, bankruptcy, bad credit, or other perceived negatives like many other companies do. So, while we can’t guarantee that you’ll be approved for a car loan, we’ll do all we can to match you with an affiliate who will do their best to get you an auto loan for the car you need!

Is Liberty Auto Loan a lender or auto dealer?

No… we’re better! Liberty Auto Loan is a privately held “Consumer Connection” company that specializes in connecting people with lenders and dealers for their auto financing needs We have a nationwide network of lenders and car dealers, many of whom are specialists in helping credit-challenged consumers with all types of problematic credit situations. So if you’re looking for a bad credit auto loan for a new or used car… you’ve come to the right place!

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