Liberty Auto Loan is a “Consumer Connection Company” that is all about helping consumers with good and poor credit get the bad credit auto loans or car financing they need. Here at Liberty Auto Loan, we can get you connected with a lender or dealer affiliate partner that specializes in good credit auto financing or [link slug=”bad-credit-car-loans2″]bad credit car loans[/link]… or both. And it doesn’t matter which state you live in! From the Golden Coast of California to the arms of Lady Liberty in New York, can help you.

It is important to note that while you may be able to get financing for really poor credit, most auto loan and car financing platforms are designed for people with FICO Scores ranging from 550 and above. And if you are able to get financing for a [link slug=”fico-score”]FICO Score[/link] below 550, know that it will come at a cost. So make sure your finances are in a stable position to be able to handle the cost.

You should also keep in mind that other factors are involved in the car loan approval process. These factors include: gross monthly verifiable income, debt to income ratio, length of employment, credit history, and several other factors.

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