Liberty Auto Loan: Helping people with bad credit get the auto loans they need!

There is a certain ease to getting credit. For credit cards, it’s just a matter of filling out an application, either in print or online, and sending it in. There is also a great deal of ease involved in using credit and, for some, it’s a replacement for cash as consumers swipe their cards at fast food places, coffee shops, and gas pumps. It’s quick, convenient, and seems to act as an infinite wallet when the consumer gets an urge to buy something he, or she, can’t otherwise afford. This, of course, is a path to bad credit. Reality hits these consumers hard when they try to exercise that credit at a car dealership, facing off with finance managers over auto loans for people with bad credit.

Bad credit is more than just an expression. It’s based in real numbers and qualities revealed in an individual’s credit scores and annual credit report. In auto loans, bad credit has the effect of driving up interest rates and lending costs – if it doesn’t automatically lead to being declined. In any case, finding a lender willing to accept applications from someone with bad credit requires a great deal of study in order to get the lowest interest rates possible. While lenders faced increased risk in auto loans for people with bad credit, consumer face just as much risk in finding lenders who will treat them fairly.

As with any product, it is up to the borrower to employ some very basic shopping techniques when comparing lenders. The task requires some time and patience in order to successfully find the right auto loans at the right price. Some lenders will charge higher interest rates on auto loans for people with bad credit while others will require a high down payment – some will require both. This is done for the purpose of protecting the lender in the event the borrower fails to meet the obligations of the loan, and interest rates could climb as high as 12%, whereas the down payment will be set at a minimum of 20%.

Where consumers are shopping for bad credit auto loans, the chances that they have money to burn are very small, and finding the lowest prices lenders have to offer is a matter of sifting through the slick come-ons that car dealerships and questionable lenders advertise. No money down and 0% financing are the common tricks of the trade, and what might seem like a bargain up front, will end costing the borrower more in the end. can help the consumer searching for auto loans for people with bad credit sift through lenders, with no broker fees, on a safe and secure website. is a service that connects people with affiliate lenders and car dealerships across the country in order to give them access to the best auto loan deal available. A useful tool for people with bad credit, it’s a handy tool for people with good credit overwhelmed by the vast choice of lenders available in just a single web search. While there are no guarantees that someone with bad credit will be approved for an auto loan, the chances of finding a loan with reasonable rates and terms are greatly improved with a more reliable selection than the average search engine can offer. What once took days, even weeks, to do can be pared down to a few hours – it’s comparison shopping made easy.