There are many web sites out there that try to be like Liberty Auto Loan. Unfortunately, not all of them are as direct and honest with consumers as we are. is what we refer to as a “Consumer Connection” web site. Our business is helping you get in touch with one of our lender or dealer affiliates who want to assist you with your auto finance and vehicle purchasing. While most auto finance and car buying web sites do exactly this, some aren’t so honest with their consumers. And some even will use your information for other purposes – with or without your permission. So you need to be careful. Here are some steps you can do yourself to evaluate an online auto finance web site:

  1. Don’t get “faked out” by a “poser”. Read their materials carefully. Some companies try to “represent” themselves as direct lenders (banks or credit unions) when they are not. If you believe a company is pretending to be a lender but they aren’t, you may not want to do business with them.
  2. Don’t sign up for a payday loan thinking you’re applying for auto finance. There are a lot of payday lenders that sometimes pretend they are offering auto financing options to consumers. Make sure you read the web site and application carefully to make sure you’re working with a true auto finance Consumer Connection company.
  3. Don’t get taken in by crazy claims. Statements like “Loans in One Hour”, “100% Approval Guaranteed”, “No Down-Payment Required for Anyone”, and the like are claims that no company can make. If their claims sound “too good to be true”, they probably are and you should look elsewhere.
  4. Make sure they don’t “filter you out”. submits every application we receive to our network to try to help our customers find a loan affiliate or dealer affiliate to help them. This is why we tell everyone that we offer “100% Acceptance” in our advertising. Some companies will pull your application due to bankruptcy, self-employment, or other major issues and not even try to get you an affiliate to work with.
  5. Don’t set yourself up for getting spammed. Again, make sure you review their terms and conditions and their materials. In most cases, when you work with us, your auto finance application request will only be transmitted to one dealer or lender. But that isn’t true with some online sites that will provide your information to a lot of different companies that may create spam you don’t want.
  6. Check their terms and conditions and privacy policy. Make sure you ALWAYS review a web site’s terms and conditions and privacy policy if you are thinking about submitting an application with them.
  7. Check them out on the web. It’s always a good idea to see if the web site you are thinking of applying through has a lot of complaints and issues. Even the best of companies can’t make all their customers happy so a few complaints is normal, but a preponderance of complaints and issues may mean you shouldn’t work with that company.
  8. Make sure their SSL certificate is valid. An SSL certificate and the associated technology helps make sure your data is protected. Some companies put up a “fake” SSL certificate. To check this, click on the SSL “seal” that should be prominently displayed on the site. It should take you to the SSL provider who will tell you that the certificate is valid.
  9. See if they have a valid BBB listing. The Better Business Bureau does try to keep tabs on companies that use their BBB seal on their web sites. The seal should be active and should take you to the BBB web site. You should then be able to review any complaints they’ve had and use that as part of your evaluation.
  10. Make sure you can contact them. The web site should have an email address or phone number to allow you to contact them in case you have issues. No way to contact is a big red flag. At, we answer every email and do our best to serve our customers in a professional and capable manner.

These are just some of the things you should look for in evaluating an online auto finance lead generation web site. This list is by no means exhaustive and you should always do independent research and carefully review any company (online or otherwise) with which you are considering doing business. In the end, the only way to protect yourself is to be informed. is here to help you with your auto financing needs by connecting you with a lender or auto dealer in our network that wants your business. And while we can’t guarantee that everyone who applies with us will get a car and a loan for that car we believe we’re a good resource, especially for people with bad credit. Thank you for considering working with